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Clothing cautions while traveling to Ethiopia

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Lots of tourists are surprised at how cool it can be in the Ethiopian highlands. Get prepared for unexpected mountain storms and cold weather. During the day in the dry season, lightweight clothing is right neverthelessit is desirable to carry a lightweight sweater. A jacket or sweater is very important for evenings. For cold days in the ‘winter’ rainy season (from June to September), light woolen clothing is comfortable.

As you go down from the highlands the temperature increases considerably, and you realize that you are in factin the tropics, after all. In the lowlands: Light clothing is a must. Canvas or leather walking shoes are practical. A hat is a wise precaution for days in the sun. Though the weather is not hot, the sun can be powerful, and sunglasses are advisable. Sunscreen lotion is also a wise precaution. T-shirts, even tank tops, and knee-length walking shorts are acceptable anywhere outside of the streets of Addis Ababa – although long trousers are fine at any of the lakesides, nevertheless in the towns and cities, halter tops and short shorts are seen improper. It is best to cover up out of good manners.