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King Lalibela is a magazine with a comprehensive blog section. We provide our readers with informative content on a wide range of topics about Ethiopia.

In order to do so, our editorial team first conducts extensive research on the respective topics to summarize the results in articles and advisory texts in the next step.

Yet another area of our expertise are product guides. In this section, we present various products to our readers in articles. Our product presentations are divided into product tests and product guides, in which we compare products with each other for our readers.

Depending on the product, we either conduct extensive research or, occasionally, test a product ourselves before summarizing our results in the product tests section.

Insights into our processes

Weekly team meetings for the purpose of quality control

In order to keep the quality of our articles as high as possible, regular editorial meetings are held with various editors. During these meetings, our editors share their experiences and progress and plan the contributions for the coming weeks.

Depending on the expertise, new topics and products are assigned to the respective experts.

New products regularly

New products are launched on the market every day. Especially in the technical field, this requires regular comparisons.

With our guides, we always try to be up-to-date.

Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends and developments for you.

Our passion – travel and culture

Our authors of are long-time travelers, tourism experts and cultural students. Our work focuses on comprehensive research and added value for Ethiopia enthusiasts.

Appealing and user-friendly design

Our readers want to be informed at first glance about the benefits of a particular product. Therefore, we pay attention to an optimal and clear presentation of the contents of our articles.

Process of creating a magazine article


Research on relevant content for our readers


Extensive research on the respective topic


Clear summary of the results in blog posts

Relevant content for our readers

We aim to provide our readers with knowledge on a variety of topics about Ethiopia through insightful blog articles.

Relevant topics are comprehensively researched by our specialist editorial team and attractively presented in informative articles.

Process of creating a product test


Research on general product requirements


Test of different products in terms of quality and user-friendliness


Summarizing the results in articles

Selection criteria for the respective products

In order to recommend the products our readers will be satisfied with in the long term, we take an in-depth look at a specific product during a product test.

We test the product extensively and check the quality of the material and production. We have a clear, comprehensive set of criteria for the products, according to which they are evaluated.


We make sure that the products make a good impression when you hold them in your hands.


If we have a product on site, we can inspect the material in detail and check for defects.


We pay attention to the quality of the manufacturing and the material of the products, and therefore test both extensively.


A product’s features play an important role in its suitability for everyday use.


We compare to what extent the product corresponds to the product images and what impression it creates.


Only a well-made product can satisfy our readers long-term. Therefore, its processing is an important criterion for evaluation.


We want to meet the needs and ideas of our customers. Therefore, we pay attention to product diversity.


For certain products, the right accessories are important. In such cases, we look at those in more detail.

over 1,000

magazine articles and product guides

over 100

readers per month

over 16,000

featured products

over 40

members of the editorial team

Process of creating a product guide


Research on general product requirements


Summarizing the results in guide texts and checklists


Integration of matching products based on Amazon bestsellers

Selection criteria for the products

We only want to present our readers with products that convince them and which they are satisfied with, in the long run. Thus, we have compiled selection criteria according to which we choose the products we present in our product guides.

Since we do not test the products in this section ourselves, we rely here on the information from Amazon, customer reviews and product tests from external test institutes.

Sales figures

The satisfaction of our readers is very important to us. High sales figures indicate good customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews provide information about an evaluation of the product from the customer’s point of view.


We pay attention to high quality when selecting products. Depending on the material and properties, conclusions can be drawn about the quality.


The additional features of a product play a role in its use in everyday life. Therefore, it is relevant for the evaluation.

Delivery time

When looking for a product, quick availability is important. Therefore, the delivery time is part of our assessment.

Product data

Properties of a product such as size, weight, material, scope of delivery and co. enable an assessment of the product.


In order to meet the tastes of our readers and satisfy their expectations, we pay attention to a high product variety.


For optimal usability of a product, its accessories are crucial. These vary greatly from product to product.

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